Redefine, not Reify

Those who found their state,

who support and analyze themselves

on a basis which is purely quantitative- have been misled.

Mere creatures thirsting over the cresting waves

of a vast, salt-laden mirage;

For what is absorbed through the senses,

and encoded into the mind’s intricately woven webs,

possesses a value greater than that which numbers can define.

This, is an attitude that is a stranger to the pathways

that lie beneath my skin.

Their eyes eternally cast upon the blooming beauty of those

who frolic in the meadows and streams of self-actualization.

Yet their hands are clenched to the frozen iron of barred windows.

Reifying the institution’s digitized human analysis

serves only to smother life and give birth to…

a being, a machine of sorts, but useless nonetheless.

Redefining your limits and expectations,

your sense of self, and your concept of reality

will crumble the walls of your prison, and release the truth that lies within.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is inspired by my observation of how much pressure people put on their grades in school. Though they are important, I am a firm believer that what you know/get out of going to school is far more important than the actual grade you get for doing so. This is just my commentary on that... (something different from what I usually write too)

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