Partner of life

A partner of memories I live with u

Form birth till death I follow u

A partner of joy a partner of tears

I ‘ve laughed with you and cried with u

When you sit down, I sit with u

When you walk, I walk with u

Tears of joy I cry with u

Magic moments I share with u

Your life is to live and I live with u

The past and the future I mirror u

You can’t part me coz I am made with u

I can’t part you coz I am made of u

The dancing moves and the romantic nights

Form jokes to laughs and the quarrel nights

I am sometimes visible but sometimes not

My brother I want to help but just cannot

You have a life and I don’t have

But I feel your pain but I just can’t help

Sometimes I wonder what If I could talk

I am your shadow and not a spying stalk

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How i wonder what our shadows feel - They want to help but they just cant

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