Heart Shaped Moon

A gentle heart fiercely torn in two

The two sides as different as those of the moon

One radiating with positive light

From a separate fire hot source

The other cold, desolate and always hidden

Permanantly scarred by past painful events

That impact and leave holes like meteors

One half is full of hope and love

The only side seen and adored by everybody

A bit scarred but still shining bright

Hurt in the past but forever looking toward the future

A guiding light to many on their journey

To the depths of my peaceful soul

The dark side never flourishes from light

Only a calm solitude disturbed by angry crashes

Never having any hope of being revealed

For who wants to see the dark side of my past

That keeps me from opening my heart fully to anybody

When they can know less and see the side that shines bright

It makes my eyes and smile twinkle like stars in the night.

In my heart light and dark will always clash

And what side will win the feud is a mystery

The shame of my past of the hope of my future

This dilemma I face as a new man explores my heart

I wonder if he sees the dark will he stay by my side

Or will he run like the others to the safety of the light

Not caring to know the dark side of my heart.

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