Fairy Tale Struggles

Fairy tales never did seem true in my eyes

the stories of the princes

riding on white horse

to save a princess, or damsel

in distress, where simply absurd

I at last gave up on kissing frogs

who, instead of becoming handsome princes

became mean gruesome beasts

who only craved me

for what their male instincts desired

The heartbreak they caused drove me to

lock my heart in a dark tower

with no entrance and no exit

so nobody could ever hurt me again

and I would live safely

Now a prince desires my poor heart

but the tower will not let it go.

I cannot break these strong walls

they do not want to finally break

so I can love once again

The only way I can be free

of this safe loneliness is if

my prince will break the towers walls

of heartache with kind and loving

acts to make me ready to love

I hope my prince cares enough to

break these horrible walls so I

can finally take the risk of

loving again and take my place

on that white horse in the sunset

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