Mahogany Eyes

A crimson tear falls from mahogany eyes

After the shattered rose colored glasses

Revealed a reality she always tried to hide

Beneath her clowning painted smiles

And poetically spoken utterances

Coming from her pale pink lips

Whose only truth were the gasps and sobs

That emerged from the shadows of darkness

While she was solitary in a white disheveled room

Life for her was in a hellish state

Demons were creeping and pulling her down

From her imaginary pedastal way up high

Only to show her gruesome images of a true reality

A phony family showing only fraudulent love

Shunning her away in the news of

Her recent departure from a scholarly world

The same world that keeps her friends busy

And distant in a world of acceptance and love

While she clings onto the one soul

Who stuck by her side like a conjoined twin

During the utterly depressing and turbulent times

Gave her a healthy heart to keep

While he mechanically fixes her broken one

And wipes away that crimson tear

From her mahogany eyes

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