Sleep To Dream

I once wondered whether we sleep to dream

To let our minds tell us stories

Of things we could never quite do

To live in this fantasy world

Where 7 minutes seems like an eternity in heaven

While kissing a mannequin celebrity

Dreams are what keep me sane

Letting my quicksanded mind wander

Freeing my caged soul

And allowing me the chance to feel

Something so real it must be fake

My depressing and solemn reality

Morphs into a fairy tale land

Where I'm the locked up princess

Being saved by a godlike prince

To live happily ever after

Or at least until the pages stop turning.

On stage I feel a rush of confidence

Singing a song I never wrote

A voice melodic like the Sirens escapes my throat

A voice so beautiful yet so common

Driving a colony of ants wild

Opening for my personal sex god.

I know I sleep to dream

To be able to soar alongside eagles

Play pranks with Zack and Screech

To escape this world and live on Mars

To escape reality and live a fantasy

Why live in my reality

When I can live in my fantasy

Why be scientific

And sleep for my health

When I can simply sleep to dream?

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