Magic Clock Ride

Fantasy meets reality

In the land of my mind

Fairy tales exist

Distressed princesses

Locked in dragon guarded towers

Saved by tin clad knights

Live happily ever after

Riding along on the flying clock.

Whoever said time flies

Must have known how I feel.

While enchanted in his presence

I ride the clock with Pegasus wings

Zooming past the lost souls

In the land of depressing loneliness

Racing along to a heart shaped moon

Alongside my dearest love

Laughing and smiling

Enjoying our magic clock ride

Day turns to night

Night turns to day

The sun rises and sets

In a mere matter of seconds

Seconds merge to minutes

Minutes transform into hours

All time fuses together

Leaving us unable to calculate

How much was lost

What distance what measure of time

We have traveled across

Enjoying our time together

On this magic clock ride.

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