Paralyzed By Love

His very presence evokes feelings

Of hatred nausea disgust

But all else prevailing love

Fighting like an army of one

Against the forces of heaven and hell.

Friends say I should leave

Abandon him at the drop of a dime

Like a confused mother would

To her newborn child

Who so carelessly ends up in the trash.

His lips touch mine

And all I want is to push them away

Swat them away as I would

An exceedingly annoying pest

Incessantly buzzing past my strained face.

Yet I do not leave

For reasons as unknown to me

As the origin of the universe

My heart can't quite grow its wings

To fly away to a land of freedom

Fake smiles and meaningless giggles

Are all he will ever know

Naively accepting this as a true love

While I fight the urge to frown

Cry and run far away

Everytime I think of leaving

My legs become frozen

My muscless stiffen tightly

And I begin to realize

I'll be forever paralyzed in time

As his precious loving wife.

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