A State of Panic

Don't quite get it

Dont quite understand

Why my body shakes and trembles

Why I have such clammy hands

Thoughts racing through my head

As if they were in the Indy 500

Rushing past like a gusting wind

Running away like a fugitive

No reason for this panic

No reason for this fear

Fear has become all I know

And oh do I hate it so

Fear of the demons that plague me

Fear of the voices that make me blue

Fear what they say may be true

That I am not worthy of a love so true

Stress tightens my muscles

And my body is in pain

Lungs constrict and gasp for air

But then again what do I care?

Panic leaves me careless

This panic leaves me fearful

Stressed out and half insane

But most of all it makes me lonely

Panicking because loved ones leave

Or the ones that are here just don't care

Panicking because I cannot believe

That the ones I love would abandon me

I give into my demons

My fears, panics, and loneliness

Let them take over my heart

Let them take over my soul

Falling into darkness is what I've become

Panicking for what I do not know

Looking at the world with ice cold eyes

And oh how I hate it so.

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