My Sanctuary

When the world throws me curveballs

As if I were an All-Star batter

I am expected to duck out of the way

As they aim toward my head

When demons chase me

Playing cat and mouse, cop and robber

Pointing their brimstone pitchforks at my heart

I must find a place to hide

Running from my personal troubles

Leads me down winding troubling roads

Marked as safe but leading to danger

Toward tortured souls in haunted houses

Friends abandon me at the sight of problems

Not wanting to get involved

Like those who witness a car crash

And just keep driving along

Finding no secure place to escape

I must learn to take solace within myself

Find a hiding spot in my peaceful soul

Becoming my own sanctuary

When the world sinks me lower

Than the flaming pits of hell

I simply walk away from it all

Once again to rest in my sanctuary.

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