The Devil You Come To Know

I am truths nonpalible mistake. You can segregate it, fight it, run from it, but in the end, it will never be anything more or less then what it was. I carry the aftermath of that fact, carry it around like a broken toy. I'll tell you how her hollow words left open graves. Her dreams swallowed up the moon because it was the only light in a shroud of darkness left without a soul or glimmer of hope, leaving just that small but ample amount of light resting inside her. That must be how she felt that night in the crowd of blank faced strangers. The devil introduces himself with a glass and a line of pristine formalities. She must have felt the warmth of hell and mistaken it as comfort in the cold chill of that night, why else would she have stepped into that office. That night the devil stole a lot, but because no deal is left without an exchange he left her with a demon, he left her with me. This time a price was paid and a life of resentment and regret was given, she in return gave it to me. A monster was made, this is surely what they'll say. However it is the reason I stand over the lifeless and pieced body of the man who stole her innocence and created a tragedy of a life, the father of a bastard son, the core of my anger. This is the reason I am truths nonpalible mistake, because all I ever wanted was for it change. I weep like child, my anger, my humanity had cast a shadow without ever stepping into the light, just swallowed the night moon and I. . . I walk away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is not really a poem, but yeah

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