The green hat

The Green Hat


Richard designs hats- Ordinary hats, funny hats, elegant hats, casual hats- any kind of hat. Richard is a very old man so he has trouble following hats’ patterns. Some of his designs are perfect and others are just ok.


The town’s villagers always considered him a friendly and gentleman. No one ever knew that he hasn’t ever married. He spent all his life as a solitary person who did not like problems.

The Town’s traditional festival was coming soon, so the villagers begun planning the celebration with months of anticipation. This year they wanted something different, so they considered a good idea: to throw a party and  buy all Richard’s hats, since his sales had fallen in lately.

The Town’s ballroom was located in the public auditorium and the party was almost ready. Everyone cooperated with food, music and extra ornaments, it was an special occasion, that’s why people care about all the small details for the night.


The Party’s eve came. Everyone got elegant and funny hats too. Each hat reflected the personality of each person.

There was a special green hat. You could see it from any point you where but it was difficult to figure out whom hat it was. The mysterious man everyone wanted to see was Tom, the town’s clown . He was making jokes at the middle of the track to maintain the spirit of the party.


At midnight, when adults had taken their children to sleep as were several drunken men. Tom began dancing exotically in the center, giving outlandish flips, big jumps turning in the air and his hat still on his head. One interesting position was when Tom was standing on his head. Tom managed to spin his body holding the position reversed. It was awesome because hat never bended. Everyone cheered in admiration and enthusiasm because it was the first time a show like that was seen in the village.


The music stopped and Tom stopped dancing, he settled back and the first thing he wanted was a glass of water. He sat tired on the first chair he found  but people started shouting "one more time Tom" "Tom! Tom! Tom!"

The guy just going to make the first jump but when he started the hat dropped from his head, all were silent because it was the first time he was falling. When Tom lifted his hat realized that the hat was bended due to falling and he couldn't do anymore all the jumps and extravagant movements had previously done.

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