tie me up and fuck me hard

the glass is breaking cut me with the shard

I'm all yours, make me your slave

use your weapon, the big one god gave

tie me up whip me with chains

'till I'm screaming and begging for you to fuck me again

I'm a nasty girl, I'm your little freak

blindfold me, punish me when I peek

fuck me harder 'till I just can't speak

as I lie here watching you kiss my hips

I want to feel your foreskin on my lips

flip me over fuck me doggie style

let's get nasty let's get wild

your touch is soft but your grip is tight

slap me fuck me I'll give it up all night

I wanna fuck you senseless, 'till I just can't speak

I'm your nasty girl, I'm your little freak.

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