i look into your eyes

and i feel my heart begin to pound

im screaming that i want you back

but you dont hear a sound

i dont know what to do anymore

i cant and wont force you into love

the sparks that were there before

ive seen no concrete sign of

and the heart that once was yours to take

is slowly curling back

and the shoulders that once held your pain

arent cutting you any slack

i still love you more than anything

but i cant play these silly games

and i know you dont mean to hurt me

but youve done it anyways

theres nothing i can blame on you

and i still have my hopes up

but when the clouds roll in

and it gets dark

will you still be the sun?

the sparks between us tend to burn

and electrocute my heart

but i cant help hoping that someday soon

we wont have to be apart.

This isnt what i wanted

but i dont have a choice anymore

if anything i hope you still feel

the sparks we had before.

if anything i hope you still want

what weve had before.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

blah i dont know

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