I bury my tears in the back halls

and bury the thoughts of you deep in my mind

but lately it seems I cant hide it all

and its becoming too easy to find

Im crying out my eyes just to hold you near

and Im wishing that I wasnt doing this again

and as my heart pours out my mind fills with fear

and i recognize this place once again

I told myself I wouldnt do this

and I lied when I said it was okay

but theres nothing that I can say anymore

'cause ive lied to myself every day

yes ive lied to myself for so many years

and I told you I dont need any one

and the tears and the pain

are what Im running from

and somedays I think that Im going insane

I dont understand myself the way I used to

I dont like who I am anymore

but then again Ive never really known who I am

so who knows if i even liked me before

they say you cant be loved if you dont love yourself

and im finding that out to be true

but i dont know what words i can use to explain

the reasons i do what i do

and suddenly my pain, is easy to find

and its not stored away in the back of my mind

its fresh and it scares me,theres something real that is wrong

yet i rejoice in feeling something, cause i havent for so long.

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