The ocean

we smile to the world

and run through the motions

but we want to starve ourselves

we want to drown in the oceans

culture is telling me to give up

society is saying be positive

he tells me to grow up

i tell myself not to live

this drama is eating away at me

the irony of that is unfathomed

the music is turned way up

and the lights are severely dimmed

our lips move but nothing comes out

we throw punches but never succeed

they shovel health in our mouths

and we continue to scream

sleeping in every other day

i told myself this year i'd care

i could change this all in every way

i scream at myself to take the dare

i cant seem to wake up

we wont listen anymore

us girls just cant take it

not like we could before

the ocean will cure us all

salt water takes away the infection

maybe if we go deep enough

we'll come out with perfection

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