Untitled -- 3.3.2007

i want to trust him with my heart

i want to trust him with my life

but he can never understand this part

never comprehend this degree of strife

he's been through a lot of bullshit

and i've put myself through hell

he tells me his life story

but there's some secrets i can't tell

someday i will tell him

everything that's on my mind

but that's an amount of courage

that could take a lifetime to find

i stare at the frigde and slam the door

i stare at the mirror and fall to the floor

i lie in bed at night and pour out my tears

i look at the numbers, and justify my fears

i never want to hurt him

with this pain i'm causing myself

there's nothing you can do

i can't blame this on someone else

i was never raped or molested or even told i was fat

this is just a problem that i've always seemed to have

it's weird to hear i'm beautiful

i can't comprehend it in my mind

it's weird to hear you love me

to hear feelings the same as mine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i cant think of what to call it

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