He doesnt even know

2004 / 2005

have you ever counted the seconds

that you couldnt get someone out of your head?

or run until you couldnt think of anything of all?

have you ever said your names together over and over

thinking it might make it happen?

Have you ever wasted a year of your life

hoping he'll love you half as much

even an eighth as much as you love him?

No matter how loud I scream

No matter how I distract myself

all I see is your face

smiling that smug smile

that smile that says

Im the most adorable guy

but you'll never get me

to feel the same way about you

Im the sweetest guy

but Ive broken your heart

over and over again.

And No matter what I do

no matter what I say

its not getting better

Im still loving you everyday.

he doesnt even know

just how much I care

just how much Ive loved him

all the pain I could've spared.

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