Fighting for Freedom

2004 / 2005

My baby cries out to me

Mama why are you crying?

My baby cries out to me

Mama are we dying?

so maybe I havent made

the greatest choices

maybe I haven't listened

to the right voices

but my baby needs me now

and I'm still running away

we'll make it out somehow

hopefully before she learns to say

Mommy, I hate you

Mommy, you're dead to me

Mommy, leave me alone

Mommy, you're nothing.

I will try my hardest

to fight for you

We have each other,

and your brother too.

I'll fight for your freedom

from this world so smothering

I'll keep you from the alleys

where dark denoms are hovering

Im fighting for your freedom

to get out of this life

so you never need to carry

the protection of a knife

I dont want you to live my life

you need to live free of strife

I dont want you to see what I have

take advantage of the chances I had

but never took.  

We will find a way,

to survive this world

and you will grow to be

my beautiful baby girl.

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