Absent perfection

2004 / 2005

She dances in the nightime

wishing for an easier day

for an easier existance

and the right words to say

the stars are shining so bright

piroettes turn as the music flows

through the branches and the moonlight

shes hidden in the shadows

All the turns are perfect

the footwork is there

she can't fly til she has him

but she cant find him anywhere

He's so perfect and graceful

but he doesnt love her so

she must find a new partner

must go on with the show

shes dances in the daytime

so constricted, so alarmed

shes pacing, can't figure out

why her heart still is harmed.

She is being all that she can be

but she needs him to lift her

the love between them you no longer see

All she needs is her partner.

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