A life, adlibbed

2004 / 2005

Are you happy now?

did you get everything you wanted?

have your dreams all come true?

is it all great, just like you flaunted?

It's never the way we plan it,

never the way we thought.

It's scary, such a low point of self control,

will this be the right thing, or will it not?

Are you sadder now?

did you make a huge mistake?

have your dreams all shattered to the floor?

are you still pretending you're not a fake?

I know nothing about this life I live,

every act is improv, the script is adlibbed lines.

Where do I get all this bullshit I give?

sure, I'm okay. yea right, I'm fine.

Whats making you mad now?

have you realized your fate?

your plans mean nothing,

the worlds laughing in your face.

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