This ball and chain on my heart is weighing me down

I'm sinking to rock bottom, a place i call home

I'm at the end of the rope, screaming but never found

Im drowning in your tears, dealing all on my own.

This is a violent struggle

I shouldnt even be fighting

I have too many things to juggle

too many wrongs need righting.

Two minutes to myself, just to think things out

in this house so quiet, not so hard to find

but those minutes are never isolated

and neither is my mind.

Bearing down on a teenage girl

bring her into your adult world

alone, in the corner she curls

all around her world swirls and whirls.

Peace, hapiness, an ounce of trust

Hope, faith, a little sincerity

Love, respect, no overcome of lust

Truth, honesty, a little security.

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