Half the Lie

when did this lifestyle begin to take over my life

and when did it come so natural, more natural to lie

what has my life turned into, wheres my reality

im living in this white lie truth

my eyes are blurry i cant see

hang me in a closet or hang me out to dry

i have an answer to every question,

except my own of why

im acting out this scene of life,

as though i werent useless

were all acting through our teeth

because we know what this life is

til the days of reckoning, teens will be confused

adults will never 'understand' and old hags will be amused

when were lying on our death beds,

well look back at this and laugh

but at the moment, no white lie

can cover anything but half

half the words come flying out,

half of them arent true

so we drink and smoke and bite our nails

for fact of nothing else to do

i dont recall becoming you

when came in this white lie truth?

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