A Lifetime Script

2004 / 2005

It seems like my entire lifetime

I've been putting on this show

and she sits in the audience

laughing at my life

they sit in the audience

laughing at my strife

Isn't there a script I can follow?

Some key lines to memorize?

Isn't there somewhere I can go?

to start to realize?

I'm living my life,

one day at a time

Should I be? I dont know,

but its racking my mind.

When I see hapiness in their hearts

but sadness everywhere else

I wonder what would tear them apart

and where they get their help.

I've been told a thousand times

just to rely on him

my heavenly father, my God

and I think I've let him in

but I'm scared to go much further

I'm too frightened to really trust

but I know I am able to

and I know that I must.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i dont know where this is coming from exactly, but ive been kinda  messed up lately and yea.

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