Running Out Of Air

Ive been thinking alot

about the last few years

the things weve been through

the boys and the tears

Sometimes I feel

like were drifting apart

somethings have healed

and i guess its a start

Im not sure what it is

that makes me happy anymore

I think I've moved on

but my heart still is sore

we dont talk about it

about our exes, the past

or any of the painful shit

we run away so fast

I've built up walls

to protect myself from God knows what

I guess protection from a fall

rejection, heartahce and the such

Im scared to reveal

the scars, and the memories

thats why I won't let you read

my journals, my diaries

My writing is my power

but I still feel so weak

its like my oxygen tank

has a slow and fatal leak.

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