One painful dream

as i sit here waiting

pondering my thoughts my sighs

i sit here wondering

how i fell from a place so high

its been a long climb back up here

and im not at the peak yet

but its my only fear

that im going to let

let myself think

how your hairline forms on the back of your neck

how just seeing you, makes me think of sex

bout how your shoulders fill out those shirts

how i can stare at you until it hurts

the way your legs show that perfect tan

the way you touch me, amazing hands

like i said, i cant let myself think.

i get so sidetracked

bring myself to the brink

just to realize i still dont have what i lacked


and so i sit here waiting

for my heart to unbreak

pinching myself,

saying im not awake

this is all a dream

a dream i cant take

its still possible you love me

fuck it, im such a fake.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it sucks i have writers block.

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