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Short Stories

Zack Dayze and Kailla Conners were such an obvious pair.  Both involved in school events, sports games, pep rallys, valentines and christmas dances.  They were the couple everyone wanted to be. Too bad they were horrible together.  

On the surface, as most high school relationships are based, Zack and Kailla were both typical popular highschool students. Under that charade though lay two troubled, distanced, completely different kids.

But enough about them. The real story is Jacob Dayze.  Jacob Dayze was the middle man. The twin brother of Zack and the best friend of the weirdest kid in school, Alex Hansett.  Jacob and Zack were only fraternal twins, but that didn't mean Jacob wasn't a good looking guy.  Sure, he was a little out there, but when it came to fashion or hair products, Jacob was right at the top of his game. He was never voted 'most popular' or 'cutest quarterback' heck, he hated football. But, he was voted 'nicest guy' and 'cutest band geek'.  Jacob didn't care much for labels, he just cared that he did what he loved, and he could hang out with his friends. He had a nice car, he had a guitar, and a recording studio. He was rich, but never completely happy.  

One late september day, Jacob saw the one thing he wanted that he didn't have.  Rebecca Caron. Rebecca Caron had dark auburn curly hair that fell just to offset her eyes. She had intensely soft eyes, with a tint of green people rarely noticed. She also wasn't voted 'most popular' or 'hottest cheerleader' like Kailla had, but still, she wouldn't give him the time of day.  Rebecca and slightly older brother Zack had gone on a date a year or so earlier, and rumor had it the night ended badly. Jacob tried nearly everyday, just to get Rebecca to talk to him. Eventually,  he started to give up.  Then one day, Rebeccas best friend Emma came up to Jacob.  

"Don't give up on her" She said calmly,

"She hates your brother, he's a real jerk, and she thinks you're the same way."

"I dont know how to get her to see that I'm not" Jacob replied

Walking away, Emma said "try to make her laugh"

For the next week, thats what he did. Jacob did whatever he could to make Rebecca Caron laugh. He did magic tricks, told her jokes, everything short of putting on a clown suit.  Still she wouldn't go out with him. Then one day Jacob came to school with half a dozen daises, wearing a vintage tee, and slightly faded jeans.  He walked up to Rebecca, looked at her, bowed, and said, giving her the flowers,

"I am your humble servant, what can I do, to make you happy?"

"You can go away" Rebecca replied

"Oh! that hurts!" Jacob cried holding his chest "Why madam do you hate me?"

"Your brother's a jerk okay? and so are you!" Rebecca turned throwing the daises back in Jacobs face and ran down the hall.

"Wait! I'm not! Please! Becca! Wait!"

It was no use, she wouldnt have him. He had tried everything. Except...

"What did you do to Rebecca Caron?" Jacob demanded of his brother.

"What? what are you talking about?" Zack replied

"I want to know what happened, exactly, what happened between you and Becca that makes her hate you so much"

"Nothing. We just went out, went to dinner and came home. Nothing happened"

"Then why wont she talk to me? Why does she think your a jerk? cause she thinks I am too now" Jacob questioned

"Look" Zack said flashing back to that night in grade ten "okay so maybe I tried to take it a little further than a goodnight kiss and she got pissed alright? It's not like I tried to rape her or anything, geez that girl holds a grudge."

Jacob didnt know how to fix things, except for the one thing he could do.  Write songs.  He knew it was a long shot, and it was extremely corny, but there was nothing left for him to do. So for the next week Jacob recorded and mixed a song he had written just for her.  That Wednesday morning during their free period, Jacob interrupted Rebecca and Emma, and pulled out a cd player.  Just as Rebecca, rolling her eyes, was about to walk away, Emma stopped her, and said

"Give him a chance Becca"

So, on Emmas advice Rebecca sat down.  Jacob pressed play on the radio and a soft ballad started.

Rebecca, you mean everything to me

you're everything I want to see

in the days morning light

in the darkest of night

I long to see your auburn curls

your soft smile makes my world

Now I know this song is sappy,

but I hope it makes you happy

and I know that you think im a jerk

but I really think that this could work!

Suddenly a guitar solo rocked out of the speakers, and Rebecca laughed wildly as Jacob did his best air guitar ever.

As the music slowed again, Jacobs voice carried on,

I've been watching your eyes twinkle

with the lightest tint of green

and I still will try harder

if you hate me after this big scene.

The song carried on for a solid three minutes, Rebecca laughing, and smiling at parts. At the end of the song, Jacob just looked at her, and said

"I can't promise I wont break your heart, and I can't promise I'll never do anything wrong, But I can promise that I'll try my hardest to make you smile, and make you laugh, and I will do my very best to respect your wishes, except the one for me to go away right now.  I really wish you would withdraw that request."

"How do I know you're not exactly like your brother?" Rebecca questioned him

"Well, for starters, would my brother do this?" Jacob asked doing an crazy dance.

"and would he do this?" he asked getting on a table and doing a really bad cartwheel

"and would he give you daises even though hes practically allergic to flowers, or watch you in music class getting lost in the beauty of your hair, or would he write you a song, direct from his heart, laying it all out there, holding nothing back and rock out on an air guitar in front of the most precious, and beautiful girl in the whole school?"

"Okay, I get it, you're not like him, and I like that" Rebecca said sweetly, grabbing his hand.

Jacob couldn't believe that it was finally happening, the only girl he had ever cared enough about to even look at for more than a minute, wasn't still ignoring him.  He didnt know what to say, or what to do, but pull her close and hug her tight.  Rebecca looked at Jacob and said calmly

"I want more than a hug"

and with that she kissed him. The girl of his dreams finally kissed him. Suddenly a crowd of people started clapping.  Jacob and Rebecca stopped, suddenly realizing that they were surrounded by people, including Zack Dayze.

He walked up to Rebecca and Jacob

"Rebecca, Im sorry for everything that happened" he apologized, "Im sorry I was such a jerk, I know you probably still don't like me, but my brother here, he's a real nice guy, so hold on to him okay?

"Apology accepted, ya' jerk" Rebecca said laughing and kissing Jacob sweetly and passionately.

And so, Jacob and Rebecca got together, both going off to the University of Southern California together, Rebecca for Dance and Jacob for Music. Whether or not they will live happily ever after, is still unknown. I mean they're just kids right?

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