Heartache Rehab


I find myself crying out my eyes

for no other reason than I miss you

I don't understand why I want to die

I tried, I did all that I could do

There never was an 'us', no love in your heart

at least not anything solid or strong

I led myself to believe we just had a bad start

but everything about me and you goes wrong


Im addicted to the heartache

addicted to the pain

I need to go to rehab baby

I can't keep playing this game

Youre a drug so inviting

The heartache wont go away

I need detox to keep fighting

I cant keep needing you each day

I watch my heart break when I think of your smile

your eyes, your hair, every bit bit of your being

I loved your voice, your walk, even your style

I never could figure out what you were seeing

Its hard to understand when feelings are just gone

a jar of riddles to be uncrambled

I cried and I lied to myself for so long

thinking I had my thoughts and feelings handled


I need rehab baby

detox for this pain

I need rehab baby


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