Loves Your Freckles

Has anyone ever told you, you were beautiful

or looked deep into your blue green eyes

told you that they love your freckles

and how your lips always question why

I hope someone tells you they admire your curiosity

and they think your adorable

show you they think youre cute and oh so sexy

that they would give up the world

when someone tells you they enjoy your company

and believe you're the nicest person alive

when they think you're incredibly funny

and are willing to blow off the 9-5

hold on to the sweet ones

the ones who make you melt

and then are there to catch you

and know just how you've felt

love isnt perfect, it isn't great

for no person could ever be

but i believe love is willing to wait

for something true in entirity

we all know love is patient, caring and kind

so we should look for something true

we also know true love is difficult to find

but I hope to find it soon.

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