Taste of Beauty

Wrapping herself in blankets,

she attempts to be protected.

struggles to find beauty,

in her own skin she feels rejected.

Nothin protects from the things the mirror says

never safe from its taunting ways

it screams at her, her deepest fear

"You're ugly, You're fat, no one wants you anyway"

Feeling pangs of hunger,

in this body she has forsaken

She thought she could stop anytime

But the mirror laughs " You were mistaken,

You're a useless piece of trash,

Go throw it up you digusting fool!

You have to be the skinniest!

Then you'll be beautiful YOU KNOW THE RULES!"

So wrapping herself in blankets

once again the taste of 'beauty' in her mouth

so the taste of beauty isnt so nice

but everyone knows, theres always a price.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

anorexia, bulimia, ed-nos,

eating disorders are a key issue in our society, be kind tell someone theyre smart and funny as well not just beautiful all the time, its too pressuring for anyone.

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