2004 / 2005

Do you see the terror in her eyes,

the pain that has been inflicted?

she been through such deception and lies

for her, now love is restricted.

Nothing will make her feel whole again,

you took that freedom away long ago,

but as hard as she tries to laugh, not to cry

despair and dispondance are all that she knows.

Tears and abandonment rule over her heart,

her mind is closed off,

shes afraid to let anyone in

or the voices might start.

She is frightened of the voices,

but frightened as well of reality.

Scared to enter the dream world,

but in the real world, what would she be?

Honesty and truth have abandoned her,

she is ravaged with deception,

so she works the corners, for sex is all she knows

she strives, just for acceptance.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

alot of abuse and rape is going on in the world
we have to do everything to save these children, and no, its not just girls.

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