Secret Diaries

Have you felt like your running and runnning

but never going anywhere?

like your coughing and coughing

but still choking on the air?

have you ever felt, that you just couldnt win?

that the world is clueless, no ones been where youve been?

like the power of a crashing wave, pounding inside your head

the fear of the lighting bolts, as you hide under your bed

the burning of a white hot flame

the cold of the arctic snow

the feeling of sheer helplessness

unsure which way to go.

have you ever felt this way

that with each and ever day

you have to have faith to stay alive

have to know fear and overcome the shy

have to do everything to save yourself

no responsibilty on anyone else?

With faith in heart, and mind in fright

Grab hold of your life, with all your might

Grab hold of the good things, like memories

Grab hold of the secret diaries.

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