Nothing can explain,

what you mean to me.

No words could show,

how I truly feel.

You know that I love you,

it's not hard to believe.

There's a lot you've put me through,

still I don't want you to leave.

My life has been,

one self denying lie.

My heart breaks down,

and many tears I cry.

It's the same tears every night;

the same person makes me cry.

If you really want to be just friends,

at least show me I'm worthy to be alive.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tyler, if you ever read this, all I want to know is, was everything just a big lie? did you ever like me at all? what do i mean to you? This whole thing between me and you is really confusing, and I know I care about you, but I don't think you give a shit about me, so basically Im not going out of my way to make things right.  If i feel like talking to you, I'll talk, and if you want to talk to me go ahead. I dont hate you, I never could. I guess its just time to move on. This is really hard, but I guess this is the end of whatever we could have been. or what I thought we could have been. See ya around.

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