Stronger Pulse

Short Stories

"Come here right now" Summer Findland said hastily, "I want you so bad."

Watching sexy Max Randell made it hard for Summer to concentrate on her office work. His dark denim jeans, and a black wife beater had such an effect on Summer.  She had to get this paperwork done, but decided she could take a small 'break'. With all the stress of remodelling her kitchen, she had called Max for a helping hand.  Now she was glad she did. She was never this forward about sex, but Max made all of her inhibitions disappear, and all of her senses heighten. She had loved him for a long time, and she realized, seeing him, that she didn't want to wait any longer.  

Max was stunned by her demand.  He was also stunned when he was greeted at the door by Summer, looking extremely sexy in just shorts and an itty bitty white tshirt.  They had been friends for years, but he had never seen her like this, so brazen, and he liked it, alot.

"Wh-hat?" Max stumbled across the question

"You heard me." she said, moving closer to him.  

"Yes, I heard you, and believe me, I've wanted you from the minute I walked into this house." Max said reassuringly, "but I'm not sure if we should act on this, Ive been seeing this girl, and I don't want this to ruin our friendship"

"I dont want to just be your friend anymore Max" Summer said firmly, kissing his neck "I want more, I want you"

"Please, Summer. I have to think about this." Max said

moving out the front door, "I have to think."

Feeling rejected and confused, Summer laid down on her new soft couch, and turned on the tv. She needed to get her mind off the throbbing want she had for him. 'I have to think, what does that mean' Summer thought to herself, 'think about what? I mean, its obvious we both want each other, and we care about each other. whats to think about?'

"Whats going on with us?" Max thought to himself, "I want her so bad, why did i leave?"

Driving around the back streets of Orange Country California Max couldn't get Summer out of his head, no matter how loud he played the radio, no matter how many times he repeated 'I have a girlfriend, I have a girlfriend'

"What are you doing you idiot?" he said to himself, and started to drive in the direction of his girlfriend, Geogia's house.  He needed to tell her he couldnt see her anymore, and then he was going right back to Summer's to finish what she had started.

Wondering what she had done wrong, and when Max had gotten a girlfriend. Had he just used that as an excuse to get out of there?

"Maybe I shouldnt have done anything" thought Summer

Then she heard the door open, instinctively looking in the mirror by the door to see who it was. It was Max!

"What is he doing here" she thought, getting up to meet him in the threshold between the kitchen and living room.

Max didnt take time to explain, and just kissed her. Passionately, deeply, beggingly.  

Running his hands across her back and pulling her close, Max explained. " I want you, and Im sorry for leaving, deeply sorry." kissing her again.

"Wait" summer said pulling away, "Don't you have a girlfriend?"

"Not anymore, I just told her i cant see her anymore, because I had found my soul mate" Max said looking into her eyes.

Summers eyes flashed with want and happiness. She wasnt sure which was the stronger pulse going through her body, love, or lust. Either way, she needed him, right that second.

"Take me to bed Max" Summer pleaded, kissing his neck.

Wrapping his strong arms around Summers small, yet fit body Max picked her up and brought her to what would soon be their room. Lying her down on the red satin sheets of the bed, Max focused his hands on exploring her entire body like he never had before.

Running her hands across Max's broad shoulders and chest, she pulled his wifebeater off and through it on the floor.

"we wont be needing that" she said, "or that" taking off this belt, " and these definately wont be necessary " pulling off his jeans.

Feeling the sides of Summers tshirt Max slowly pulled it over her head.  He ran his hand along her breasts.  Summer moaned softly as he slipped his tongue around her nipple, teasing her. Covering her with his hot breath Max moved his hands towards the waistband of her shorts, only to find her hands already frantically pulling them off.

Slipping his boxers over his firm thighs, Summer cupped Max's throbbing erection and stroked him until he let out a deep moan.  Then she took him entirely into her mouth.

The heat of her mouth and the way she moved her tongue made Max want to come faster than ever. He would hold on though. He had to, he had to feel himself inside her, soon.  Leaving a trail of hot, wet, kisses from her chest to her waistband, Max pulled off her shorts and started to caress her.  

He was hitting Summer exactly where she wanted it.  Her breathing became heavier, and quicker, until she couldnt take it anymore.  

"I want you inside me now Max" she begged, "now"

and with that he drove into her, deeply.  

Rubbing her hips against his, Summer felt herself building quickly towards orgasm.  WIth one final thrust Summer screamed out, grabbing her satin sheets and wrapping her legs tighter around his waist.  Max followed only moments after with a deep, throaty shout of climax.

Falling beside each other, breathless, in love, Max and Summer said simaltaneously, I Love You.

Holding Summer next to him, Max thought to himself, I finally found her, my perfect girl, how could I not have seen this before?

Falling asleep in his arms, Summer was so glad she had taken a chance on Max. She had never realized how amazing he was, in bed and out.  It didn't mater that her paperwork wasnt done, or that the kitchen wasn't finished. All that mattered was that she was in bed with Max Randell, her best friend, her lover, and possibly her husband.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Short Story... woot

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