Life since Thursday

Life since Thursday

life since love

life since I remember

why I love that boy I dream of

to the rest a random moment

to me something specific

to all of you it makes no sense

to me it feels terrific

to be held in the arms,

of the boy you adore

feel his breath on ur neck,

and love him even more

those random days

for perfect times

and random moments

that change our lives

love blossoms from those moments

the passion in our hearts

love grows with us and stays with us

even if we are to part.

some thursday,

monday, sunday


its all the same

some tuesday

saturday friday

life since thursday

can take your breath away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

random moments can make you fall in love all over again.. nothing so much 'happened' on a certain thursday, like thats not when i fell in love, its just that i picked thursday, couldve picked monday, wouldnt have sounded as good though.

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