Is there Hope?

why do you think i glow

whenever you're around

why do you think i know

that voice so well, i love that sound

i see you and i smile

i miss you and i cry

i dont talk to you for a while

and i feel like im gunna die

it may sound a bit extreme

but i know your what i need

i know why i feel so strongly

about us, you and me

i know that what i feel is true

because when you're in love

theres nothing else you want to do

no one else you think of

i want to get away from it all

me and you, runaway

go somewhere by ourselves

i need you alone for just a day

need to tell you everything im thinking

without you i feel lost

want to hear you say you love me

but is there a point to this cause?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i need to know

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