dont you know ive tried

dont you know ive cried

im so sick of getting hurt

my respect for you has died

i cant stand to see you shake you head

i cant stand to hear your voice

i cant stand to live in this house with you

but i dont have a choice

it makes me sick to see you talk to her

were different, why cant you see?

please dont compare me to her,

shes perfect isnt she.

she gets amazing grades

you say she barely goes out,

so when she wants a social life

why do you have to shout

just give her a chance

why do you criticize

why cant you let her

live her own life


why do you always have to make her mad?

dont you see, youre also making her sad

so what she smokes, guess what so do I

so what shes had sex, why do you have to make her cry?

dont compare us

were all alike in one tiny bit

dont you understand?

were sisters, thats it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about my dad.
stupid dick. ugh
the first part is about my sis lori and the other is about juli... if you know me you know.

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