Just a Little Bit

i lie awake at night

thinking of your face

kissing you, such passion

and id quicken the pace

your hands on my back

my chest, my thighs,

your lips on my neck

id feel so high

in the most physical way

id feel your love

lying awake at night

its all i can think of

not your words, not your laugh

but your body instead

i want you so bad

but i heard the words that you said

i will wait for you

i dont know how long

but ive waited all this time

and i dont think im wrong

us as a couple, more than just friends

i would love it so much

if thats how it is in the end

see its not just a physical attraction

or seeking for a thrill

i think that with you

my heart could be filled

filled with the love

i know thats there

im filled with passion

im no longer scared

i know what i want

and im going for it

im just hoping that you want it too


just a little bit.

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