2004 / 2005

is there a reason i care so much

when you treat me like such shit

is there a reason i love you and such

because I'm really getting sick of this

i do so many things for you

and what do i get in return?

pain and arguments about what to do

im getting worried youll never learn

do you ever notice what you do to me

and how you make me so mad

i say sorry though its not my fault

do you even care that you make me sad?

some days i just want to scream at you

and tell you just how i feel

but i care too much about our friendship

but then, is it even real?

can a friendship be strong

when its basically one sided?

can a friendship truly last

when one person seems to be blinded

blinded to the real issues

the problems in her life

blinded to the pain she causes

the turmoil, the strife?

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