The boy with the soft eyes

Are you the boy

with the soft eyes

cocky yet vulnerable

I like that you're fragile

You're not so perfect after all

you're real, you make mistakes

please dont stumble, please dont fall

Im not going to lie, or be fake

I care about you

the boy with the hair

but fall for you again

I dont want to do that dare

I know I'd give you another try

but the balls in your court now

there'd be a lot of 'why'

but Id still trust you somehow

it may be pathetic or sad

it may make some people mad

but its really not that bad

I know what we could have had

Im not chasing after you

its your turn to try

we all know i cant help falling

you're the boy with the soft eyes

eyes filled with intensity

but puppy dog none the less

i know i like alot of things about you

but its your eyes i liked the best

youre the boy with the soft eyes

i always fall for his smile

because he is confident

because he is fragile.

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