Dont Give them the Power

2004 / 2005

They taunted you for so long,

made fun of your hair,

told you that you were a loser.

The way you walked,

The way you talked,

They said everything you did was stupid.

Well show them now,

who you are.

Make up for lost time.

Stick up for yourself

and make sure they know,

you are not a loser.


and when they scream at you this is what you should do

Don't fall to your death

Don't think about the pain

All these years of taunting has caused you

Don't give them your life

or the satisfaction of your death.

Follow all of your dreams

Dont't believe a wrod they say,

You're so much better than that.

It's not too hard

You'll make it through,

Trust me on this

I went through it too,

You're beatiful in every way

dont't let their words haunt you

for one more day


Dont beat yourself up

Dont call yourself stupid

that makes you just like them

Don't be afraid or run away

all you have to do is say

to yourself

I dont care what they think

their opinion is nothing to me

Im not like them

I know I'm different

but I don't care at all


Don't jump off that roof

Don't pull that trigger,

Don't slash up your wrists

Don't give them the power

Don't tighten that noose

Don't drink that poison

Don't take those pills

Don't tell them theyre right

Don't let them win

Don't give them the power

Don't give them the power

Don't Give them the power

Don't tell them theyre right.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my anti suicide song
I went through a really depressed suicidal phase.. and its not always something you just beat, its something you work through, you have your ups and downs but you have to stay here for the bad to get the good.  you dont wanna miss it, no one wants to have to miss you, they love you too much.  

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