Everything's Dead

2004 / 2005

It hurts to even breathe,

I'm scared if I move, you'll yell at me.

I can't stand to see your face,

I'll just break down and say yuo win,

I do what you say,

my heart is torn by all this sin.

My feelings are stabbed so deep,

blood is pouring from my cuts,

constant tears in my eyes,

It's like I'm in a rut.

I don't know what to say,

to make you understand my pain.

so I'll tell you straight out,

and you just say oh, don't pout.

I can't smile all the time,

I have to be myself,

or I'll go out of my mind.

The park sings are empty,

I have no time to be carefree.

No more joy in my heart,

no more love that I can see.

The fields used to hold the joyous things we said

now there's nothing left

its gone, everything's dead.

Everything is silent,

all my hope is gone,

I can't live this way anymore,

be happy,

you won.

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