Falling Stars and Broken Hearts

2004 / 2005

Falling stars and broken hearts

so hard to understand it all

trying to pick the world apart

never knowing if you're right or not

always worried you doing something wrong

especially worried that you'll get caught

trying to be "normal"

trying to fit in

you'd rather die

than be the odd one out

but deep inside you want to scream and shout

when no one's looking you take a blade

beautiful blood

to ease your pain

hide the scars

from their prying eyes

no one knows

what's going on inside

you don't really know yourself

your just some person

that you'e made up

you lie to yourself

and pretend you don't care

but deep inside you wouldn't dare

tell the world something that sets you apart

never tell them your nightmares

of falling stars and broken hearts

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