Driving on Prom Night

2004 / 2005

cigarettes and coffee stains

champagne hangovers and heartache pains

prom night tears, no early morning run

trying to forget the night before,

trying to remember why it wasnt fun.

beautiful hair, and a stunning dress

it all started with a small caress

crappy music and drunk prom dates

speeding down the highway, can't be late

almost missed the exit, nearly hit the rails

the cop cars on ur boyfriends tail

breathalizers, police car rides

you're the lucky ones, the others died

following your car, the cops missed your best friends

and you watched as they drove to their end.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this didnt happen to me, i read a story about someone who watched their friends die because they were driving drunk, luckily the girl didnt die, but she had to live with knowing she gave her friend the keys to her car. so i wrote a poem about it. dont drink and drive.

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