Pause (the eye of the storm)

Pause, for a brief moment

hear the pitter patter on the roof

Wait, for just a second

this sound is not quite new

Silence, brand new raindrops fall

in sync with your breathing,

your spirit, your all.

There is thunder and lightning,

then quiet, deafening

There is no breathing, nor raining

for youre holding your breath

you move close to the window

wind,rain,hail roar your certain death

Newspapers tell the tragic story

it was quiet, but it wasnt over

a little boy relives the horror

it was his fathers 55th day sober

they were to play baseball,

like they hadnt done in years,

but the man was weak, and had a drink

and so flowed the blood stained tears.

Why did he take that one last drink

Why didnt he stop to think

I dont understand what he would do it for

No one understands what goes on,

In the pause, the eye of the storm.  

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