My body's intertwined,

The pain fils my heart,

and overtakes my mind.

I want to let go,

But I'm holding on too tight.

I want to fix everything,

I want it all to be right.

That will never happen though,

Even through the confusion,

That's one thing I know.

I love you too much,

I can't control my heart.

I hate this feeling,

of being ripped apart.

Stop asking me what's wrong,

I don't want to talk.

Alone until the end,

Solitude is my friend.

Nothing here can hurt me,

no one can pry into my mind.

I'm glad cause I'm scared,

Of what they'll find.

My mind is racing with things to say,

to get you away.

You fill my mind.

I can't think straight,

my body's intertwined.

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