Black Nights of Bleeding Rain

2004 / 2005

Black nights of bleeding rain

blood red raindrops fall

from my wrists

again and again

lightning bolts of terror

and thunders clash of rage

kept so close to all these lies

i have to get out of this cage

banging on the bars

bruising my body for years

I can always feel the pain

I hate to feel the tears

my skin is numb

no more nerves to break

no more emotions to snap

no more cuts to make

my minds spinning with thoughts

to end this all

off a cliff I jump

out of my clouds I fall

Black nights of bleeding rain

I want to make you hurt like me

want you to feel the pain

no sun is shining no flowers bloom

youll know what its like

youll feel it soon

hear the raindrops beating

on the roof up above

hope you see all my pain

from the rainstorms of my blood

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