The Coffee Boutique

Short Stories

"You take away all my pain" she said to him, hoping

he would finally understand. Chris never understood

what Erin was trying to say.  She  told him time and

time again that she loved him and would never

leave him, but still he refused to believe her.  

He  couldn't trust anyone, and it was beginning to

cause a strain on their relationship.

'What kind of man am I?' chris wondered to himself,

'I can't even say three simple words. I..Love..You, how

hard is that?' He knew what the problem was, but didn't

have any idea how to fix it. he told his ex sarah that he

loved her and he found out that a week later she

was sleeping with another guy.  He couldn't trust

many people anymore, but Erin was different, he

truly did want to be with her. he needed to know

somehow, a way to trust a woman again.  Taking a

swim didnt help, and neither did going for a drive.

Taking a walk down 4th avenue Chris saw the little

coffee boutique where he first met Erin.  He remembered

exactly what she had said, "I see you're sitting all alone,

waiting for someone?"  when he said no she invited him

to sit with her, and they had been together ever since.

Chris thought over the last two years hey had been

together.  One date stood out in particular, it was the

first date Erin had said I love You.  That was four months

ago.  He had asked her why she was with him, and

she said " Because I love you"  Remembering this,

Chris knew what he had to do.    

Erin didnt know what to do.  Should she continue to

tell him her feelings even when he was not returning

them?  She felt like it was possible he did love her,

but couldn't he at least put it into words? It was

difficult to sit through dinners, with pleading in her

eyes and hopelessness in his.  Chris had bought her

the little black dress she wanted and beautiful

diamond earings.  She wasn't complaining, she loved

the gifts, but wished maybe he would say it, and

maybe someday he would propose.  They had been

together for two years now, she was ready to take

the next step, and for all she knew, he wasn't.

Chris had finally decided to do it, he was going to

tell Erin exactly how he felt about her, and he was

going to ask her to marry him.  At 3 o'clock that

afternoon, after visiting the coffee shop, he went to

the jewellery store.  Thats when he saw it, the perfect

ring.  He knew nothing in the world was perfect, but

he truly felt that this was perfect for Erin.  It wasn't

small, and it wasn't big. It wasn't too extravagant or

too plain.  It was beautiful. After finding the ring

everything else  simply fell into place.  He found

earrings to match the ring, and the gorgeous black

dress he knew Erin had, had her eye on.

Dinner that night was delectibe, as was the company.

Erin thanked Chris for the dress and the earrings, and

whispered softlythat she would thank him properly

when they got home.  Smiling Chris thought to himself

'if she only knew.'  When dessert came, Chris knew it

was time.  

"Erin, I love... the way you eat ice cream"

'crap' Chris thought to himself, 'Im not backing out now'

"Erin, what I meant to say was, I love .. you."  

Erin giggled with joy.  Embarrased at her childish

behaviour she suddenlygot serious and told him she

loved him too.

When dessert was finished, Chris said to her,

"I want to take you somewhere really special tonight"

Agreeing, Erin followed him as he paid and got in

the car.  They drove down 4th avenue to the simple

coffee shop Chris had visited earlier.  They sat in their

usual seats, but didnt order anything.  Looking softly

into Erins eyes, Chris took her hand.  He said sweetly

"We have been together for two years now, and I

think you are the most beautiful woman in the world.

I love you to the ends of the earth, and until today I

didn't know how to tell you.  I love the way your hair

curls at the nape of your neck, and I love how your

eyes twinkle when you are happy. I love your laugh,

and I love your smile. I love you and everything

about you. I want to spend the rest of my life telling

you how much I adore you. Will you marry me?"

Erin replied Yes! and jumped into his arms.  Putting

the ring on her finger he carried her out of the coffee

shop, into his car and to what could soon be their


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