Daniel in distress....


Having returned the Knight his newly polished armor,

his sick note having been laughed at and declined,

(the Yeolde-Haags not being impressed, and so on and so forth),

Our Daniel-in-distress took pause.

It was easy to see why What’s-her-face had packed this job in.

He often contemplated it himself.

There wasn’t a looker amongst them, after all.

Still, he had kept his long hair.

It was a throwback to his carefree boy band days,

even the drama queen in the next tower envied it.

Insanity had stopped him cutting it short.

This way there was still plenty of it to pull out.

That, and the incredibly extensive contract.

(And besides, he never knew when he might need it,

to shimmy in and out should he decided on a night on

the tiles!)

His thoughts (having to wait until everyone had disappeared

before using the sauna), were interrupted by the arrival of The Page.

Granted he was friends with her indoors, but he was big news two towns over.

You can call him talk dark and brooding.

Offering everything from a rolls to a pile of dirty dishes,

Daniel pledged his undying love (Should the Page deign fit to run away).

The best part was until the arrival of the Princess,

our Page was almost convinced.

Having put two and two together he toddled off on his horse,

leaving The Princess to deal with Daniel,

and the unhappy task of declaring he was unrescuable.

No. Really!

Pleading eyes be damned she finally trotted on,

assuring him, of course,

That she hoped he lived happily never after.

The end.

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