Thousand deaths I'd die for you

Hopefully hopeless

I've always wondered what it would feel like to die a thousand deaths I know it's physically impossible but I've always wondered what that saying meant,


There are many versions to chose from, many famous quotes I could use, but non quite fit what I think it could be, 

I think it has to do with the most powerful four letter word known to man 



To me Iove is and always will be the greatest feeling to have, but at the same time me personally am cursed to love completely so deeply 


It can be said I'm mad to think that way or that I don't know what I'm talking about,  But this is my story it needn't have rhythm nor it to rhyme 


I speak of truths to myself, that the love I have for you is sooo deep so consuming that right now I'm dying a thousand deaths, everyday every second of every minute, I try put on a brave face but when I enter your presence I melt into nothingness, someone not even you'd recognise 


I'm dying a thousand deaths without your love to keep me alive, I'm but a shadow of the man I know I can be, with you by my side loving me eternally cause at the end don't we all deserve such privilege 


you have what no other would ever be able to find, locked away in a box hopefully always in your thoughts


A thousand deaths I'd find if it meant you were in my life 

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Beautiful and thought

Beautiful and thought provoking poem!

Never thought “dying a thousand deaths “

To love deeply and unconditionally

surely would elicit pain without the one

you love